Interview of Lisa Rizzo

Recently I have interview of friend of mine, Lisa Rizzo, who has a lot to say about food. Being a fan herself she told me that comfort food is a good thing that makes you feel emotionally better. It gives her happiness. She informed me that her comfort food is macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, because, to her it is delicious and not easy to find. Lisa’s favorite meal is penne vodka with chicken francese, mainly for her Italian background and she said “they work well together and compliment each other.” Lisa view of home cooking was very interesting. She stated “I think people eat out a lot and its not a good thing. A home cooked meal shows more love and affection for your family and appreciation of food.” In addition, to my surprise Lisa had some very insightful tips for home cooking. One of her tips included adding a little salt to pasta to make the water boil faster and to make the pasta taste better. Another tip she learned from her mother’s home cooking included adding sugar to sauce to make it less acidic. When I talked to Lisa about more serious topics, such as nutrition, fitness and body image, she had great things to say. She said that nutrition is very important because it makes you feel better physically and improves your way of life. She had very kind words to say about body image and society’s influence on the representation of body image. She said “Society puts a lot of pressure on body image, but it is important that you feel good in your own skin.”

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