Food for Comfort

Comfort food can be defined as food that we turn to, basically, for comfort. However, it’s not just delicious food or food that we eat because of a certain taste or flavor. Comfort food is food that have a connection with our life. It could be a homemade recipe of mac and cheese that was passed down in the family line or a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner recipe. Also, comfort food doesn’t necessarily have to be a family recipe or a meal you have very often. Comfort food can be a dish your grandmother or mother made when you were a child. It could be your favorite thing to eat down the shore or at Disney World.

Many people turn to food when they feel certain emotions. Some can turn to comfort food when they are sad or upset. Others turn to food when they are happy or want to celebrate an action. Turning to food as a means of comfort or happiness is negatively looked upon in society. People can argue that the reputation of comfort food can only lead to eating disorders or obesity. However, this argument is very debatable. Could food for comfort only be relied on for a cure to depression but a sign of obesity? Or could food for comfort be viewed basely only homecoming and food of close meaning to our life? I believe that it is up to one’s own perspective and situation to look at the definition of comfort food and judge it based on personal experience. Regardless of society’s view, what is your definition of comfort food?


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