UNO’s Critique

Recently, I had the option to choose a restaurant for dinner. My family and I would usually drive around various highways and main streets to pin point a final decision. Its around 11 at night and the fact that we haven’t eaten all day made the drive a bit frightening. Upon driving for a while, my brother suggests UNO’s Chicago Grill. My family has only been there once a couple of years ago and my memory of it was pretty vague. I remember them giving us complimentary gifts for being first time guests. They gave us an apple, a cookie, and a coupon offer for our next visit. We drove down to the restaurant and we got our table pretty fast, as opposed to other restaurants, like Friday’s or Applebee’s, at the same time of our arrival. The restaurant was decorated with pictures on the walls and some various antique items, however not as overwhelming as the junk walls of Applebee’s. The wait was long for the little number of customers there, but regardless, the food was pretty good. I had the chicken wrap, which wasn’t was good as the french fries; those were amazing. My brother ordered the burger, which he stated was small but looked delicious. The place was nice and had somewhat of a “home-y” atmosphere. We couldn’t leave without sharing their famous deep dish cookie sundae. It was delicious, especially when my brother and I devoured the dessert when the rest of my family left the table.    Image

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